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Resources for people looking for housing or vouchers
You do not need to register with HousingWorks - and you should not contact us directly - but you can use the links below.
Resources Provided by HousingWorks

How to Search for Subsidized Housing or Rental Assistance Vouchers
    - a Picture Guide. Use this to help you with the red SEARCH link just below.

Applicants: Click these Words to Search for Subsidized Housing or Rental Assistance Vouchers

Other Helpful Resources

ACT UP/Boston: Discrimination Self-Help Handbook
    - This Easy to use Guide with Fil-in-the-Blank fields will help organize and protect you.
      Print the guide, and write down your answers as instructed..

HUD: Discrimination Complaint Form.

Links for Housing Advocates
Advocates can register with HousingWorks, and must then log in at top right.
Resources Provided by HousingWorks

Download a Subscription or (Subscription Renewal) Form.
Need an Applicant's Password.
Request a Demo, Training, or Help Session via email.
Request an Advocate Username and Password via email.
Schedule a Demo, Training, or Help Session via fax (best approach).
Advocate Training Videos (not yet available).
Download the Entire Advocate Subscription Packet.
    - Every resource you might need when using our website at your agency.

Other Helpful Resources

Advocate Job Positions on (new!)
Advocate Job Positions on
Locate Landlord Information across Massachusetts (other states may offer a similar service)
Search Google for "Tax Assessor, City State" (locates Landlord Names and Addresses).
Locate the closest Social Security Office.
Massachusetts Emergency Financial Assistance Locations by city.
About the Massachusetts AHVP Program.
About the Massachusetts MRVP Program.

Links for Housing Providers
Providers can register with HousingWorks, and must then log in at top right.
Resources Provided by HousingWorks

Need an Applicant's Password.
Need HW to Investigate an Applicant.
Call Log for Waitlist Status and Rank.
Click Here to Fill a Vacancy or Request Reports.
Request a Demo via email.
Request Access to the Waitlist Software.
Schedule a Training or Help Session.

Other Helpful Resources

Locate the closest Social Security Office.
Search the Sex Offender Registry.
Search VINE Registry for Inmates in State Prisons (not all states participate).
Search Federal Registry for Inmates in Federal Prisons.

Planners, Developers, and Government Agencies
We store anonymous, aggregate data on applicants, inventory, and waitlists. This allows us to produce reports crucial for planning that would be available through no other type of service.
We are currently requesting input from many groups to help decide what reports would be most useful.

Resources Provided by HousingWorks

White Paper: Barriers to Subsidized, Affordable, Special Needs Housing

2017 09 01: Who's Looking for Housing in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA-NH HUD Metro FMR Area? What are their Actual and Average Waitlist Times?

2017 08 30: Actual and Average Waitlist Times in the Boston area.

2017 05 09: Profiles of All Households seeking Subsidized and Affordable Housing in a specific set of zip codes

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